The principle of cloud scale routing protocol: lesson & learn from GCP outage

CAP theorem

The facts of existing design

In Consistency Tolerance Forwarding to keep basically Availability

Design principal for cloud scale routing protocol

GCP outage root Cause

Google’s underlying networking control plane consists of multiple distributed components that make up the Software Defined Networking (SDN) stack. These components run on multiple machines so that failure of a machine or even multiple machines does not impact network capacity. To achieve this, the control plane elects a leader from a pool of machines to provide configuration to the various infrastructure components. The leader election process depends on a local instance of Google’s internal lock service to read various configurations and files for determining the leader. The control plane is responsible for Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) peering sessions between physical routers connecting a cloud zone to the Google backbone.

Google’s internal lock service provides Access Control List (ACLs) mechanisms to control reading and writing of various files stored in the service. A change to the ACLs used by the network control plane caused the tasks responsible for leader election to no longer have access to the files required for the process. The production environment contained ACLs not present in the staging or canary environments due to those environments being rebuilt using updated processes during previous maintenance events. This meant that some of the ACLs removed in the change were in use in europe-west2-a, and the validation of the configuration change in testing and canary environments did not surface the issue.

Learn from GCP’s outage

The best cloud scale routing system





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